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    $0.29 - Buy App (SDK v2)

Play at Tris aka Tic Tac Toe against your Pebble!

By Kaisershmarren on Apr 18 2014

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Dodge Balls

    $0.00 - Free App (SDK v2)

Fly your avatar high and dive low! Soar around the screen to dodge oncoming bouncing balls with increasing numbers and speeds. Enjoy realistic animation with the game’s mini-physics engine :)

By samtout on Feb 2 2014

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    $0.99 - Buy App (SDK v1)

Classic Hangman with over 800 words of various difficulty to play!

Keys are as follows:
Up - Move cursor right
Down - Move Cursor down
Select - Select letter
Long Up - Show the current word (Cheat)
Long Down - Auto try all vowels (not Y)
Long Select - Next word

[v1.1 Changelog]
o Will now cross out used letters.
o Added version display.

By tgwaste on Jul 23 2013

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    $0.00 - Free App (SDK v1)

This game is part of my childhood memories from the Commodore 64 era.

Try to get your lander onto one of the 3 landing sites without crashing into the terrain. You have limited fuel, so watch the use of your main thruster and left/right retro thrusters. The harder landing sites will reward successful landings with more points and more fuel.


v0.2 fixes some memory leaks reported by Eric @ Pebble!

By Gavin on Jun 26 2013

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    $0.00 - Free App (SDK v1)

Orbtime is a Drop7 / Chainfactor clone with a twist. The gameplay is often described as a cross between sudoku and a falling block game. And the twist? Orbtime recognizes that a Pebble is a timepiece and includes time orbs which represent the current time. In Orbtime, what time you play will affect the outcome of your game.

Up: Move Left
Select: Drop Floating Orb
Down: Move Right
Back: Pause to Main Menu

Drop numbered orbs one at a time which eventually clear themselves. In order for an orb to clear, the orb's number must be equal to the number of orbs in its row or column. One too many or one too little and the orb will stay on the field.

There are basic orbs and time orbs. Time orbs are distinguished by their sharp corner. The direction of the sharp corner determines the type of time orb: a day orb, hour orb, minute orb, or the fast changing second orb. If you are wondering what a certain time orb will have as its number, simply press back and glance at the time orbs in the main menu. The time orbs in the main menu also include wrap dots which you can use to decipher the current time.

When a time orb clears, it'll promote the closest basic orb of the same number into a time orb of the same type. You can use this mechanic to your advantage, changing basic orbs into time orbs and then waiting for just the right time.

New in v1.1:
- The main menu time orbs animation is fancier :)
- Garbage orbs can no longer initially change into time orbs. This should make the game more difficult and less sporadic. After becoming basic orbs, they can be still be promoted as normal.
- More Info

By meiguro on Jun 26 2013


    $0.00 - Free App (SDK v1)

Droptype is a match-4 falling block puzzle game without rotation. Try making chains under pressure while keeping yourself from overflowing, or just drop blocks and watch them clear themselves.

The idea is to makes blocks of the same type adjacent to each other. When four or more of the same kind are touching, they immediately clear. Blocks above them fall, and if that creates another clear, then you've made a chain!

Up: Move Left
Select: Drop Floating Piece
Down: Move Right
Back: Pause to Main Menu

The game is endless, you lose when a block overflows. However, when you chain -- that is, clear blocks successively before getting your next floating piece -- you gain a free block. When you overflow with free blocks, you lose free blocks instead of losing. Droptype however is wary about letting you have too many free blocks, so there is a risk.

The game features a Main Menu in which you may press back to pause your game. There is also an Infinity Mode. In this mode, there is no drop timer and thus no clock to race against. This reduces battery usage to just whenever the status clock updates, when you press a button, or the animations. If you like the game enough, you can pretend it's a watchface! Infinity Mode appends an infinity to your score to let others know how you obtained the score.

Droptype becomes progressively more difficult the longer you play it.

New in v1.3:
- There is now an options menu accessible in the main menu even when you pause. With it, you can enable vibrate on react or disable light on react. The settings are per-session and are not saved after you exit.
- Blocks are now rendered via images, so Hard mode should now perform just as fast as Normal mode. You should no longer feel time slowing down when the field is incredibly full.
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By meiguro on Jun 26 2013


    $0.00 - Free App (SDK v1)

Multiplayer is currently in development, this is a single-pebble release :)

An entire chess board on your wrist. You can ponder what your next move will be while the board is always a glance away. Think deeply, or make a move.

This game uses the httpebble app UUID! If you're on Android and you have an app that uses the same UUID, see if that app has an Android version. Let me know if you'd like me to release a Pebble Connect version of Chess.

Up: Previous Piece
Select: Enter Piece's Move Mode
Down: Next Piece
Back: Pause to Main Menu

Cycle through the pieces to decide which piece you want to move. As you cycle, you will see each piece's possible moves. Once you select a piece, select the square you want it to move to. When pieces have many moves, like a queen in an open space, you get to select the direction first.

Piece Move Mode Controls
Up: Previous Possible Move
Select: Use Move Selection
Down: Next Possible Move
Back: Return to Piece Selection

Use solo mode to either practice your chess ideas, or take turns passing your Pebble with a friend. Make daring plays, or sport your favorite game positions with Pebble Chess!
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By meiguro on Jun 26 2013


    $0.00 - Free App (SDK v1)

Falldown is a game where the point is to steer a ball around lines of bricks as the ball endlessly falls down. Your main objective is not to let the ball hit the top of the screen. If you hit a line of bricks, it will push you upward until you can steer around it. Like all classic video games, you will eventually lose as the increasing speed of falling takes its toll. Try to get the highest score you can before it's all over!

UPDATE: Ball looks like a circle now rather than a square :).
UPDATE: Added a small delay when the game starts so you can always at least make it through one line of bricks.
UPDATE: Added a small delay after a game over so you can view your score before the game starts over.

By malrobot on Jun 25 2013


    $0.00 - Free App (SDK v1)

This is my first attempt to do an arkanoid-clone on the pebble.
It was not as easy as I thought and I hit the 24k app-size limit more than once. :-)

Control: (can be changed, see below)
'up' - move left
'select' - start / pause game
'down' - move right

There are five different kind of 'power-ups':
1. extraball
2. slow ball
3. fast ball
4. 'power'-ball (destroys blocks without being reflected)
5. missile launcher (automatically launches missiles from your paddle)

Currently there are 34 levels but if you've finished level 34 it starts over at level 1 with a slightly faster ball.

By justdoit on Jun 25 2013

Slots - Win REAL Money!

    $0.00 - Free App (SDK v1)

Slots takes gambling to a whole other level on your Pebble. Not only can you compete with your friends to be in the top 10, but you can also win some real money. If you have 3 money bags you have a chance of winning $5, $10, $20, or $100!

5/16/2013 - new HS code calc implemented + better backlight control
- More Info

By Johan on Jun 14 2013


    $0.00 - Free App (SDK v1)

A space-shoot-em-up game loosely based on a couple of different games from my youth (80's!). You have 3 ships, and get points for blasting aliens - the earlier you blast them the more points you get. Don't get shot by them, run out of ammunition, or run into the scenery. As you progress through the levels the aliens will move around more often, and fire their lasers more often. Sometimes you can block their lasers with your own, but not always! Score more than 999 points and you're a winner!

By Gavin on Jun 11 2013


    $0.00 - Free App (SDK v1)

Yes, you can now play the classic arcade Asteroids on your Pebble! Control you ship with the up/down buttons to turn left/right. The select button is used to fire your lasers with single presses, and with a long press it fires up your thrusters to move out of the way of oncoming asteroids! Your ship will eventually slow, or you can spin and apply more thrust to change directions or come to a complete stop at a point of your choosing.

This version (0.5) adds quite a few new features, including:
* a mystery ship
* explosions when you die (not asteroids yet)
* better polygon collision checking
* different speed asteroids
* being hit by an asteroid destroys the asteroid
* lots of performance tweaks

Please let me know what you think!


By Gavin on Jun 11 2013

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Fire Game&Watch

    $0.00 - Free App (SDK v1)

The second in my series of fully playable Game & Watch emulations. Here we have the classic Fire - which appeared in both original Game & Watch and also the Widescreen follow-ups which were (arguably) more popular.

By Gavin on Jun 11 2013


    $0.00 - Free App (SDK v1)

Minesweeper Game for the Pebble Watch

Choose your difficulty

Easy - 5 Bombs
Medium - 8 Bombs
Hard - 10 Bombs
Up Button - Moves Cursor Horizontally
Down Button - Moves Cursor Vertically
Select Button - Selects Square
Select Button, Long Hold - Flags / Unflags Square

Select Button, Long Hold (On game over) - Starts a new game
- More Info

By arkitecht on Jun 11 2013


    $0.00 - Free App (SDK v1)

A connect-4 style game for the Pebble E-Paper Watch.

Top button moves piece to the left.
Bottom button moves piece to the right.
Select button drops piece.
Long-Select resets game.
- More Info

By arkitecht on May 29 2013

Space Invaders

    $0.00 - Free App (SDK v1)

Yes, Space Invaders on your Pebble.

It's a work-in-progress, but enjoy!

0.3 update adds the following:
- performance improvements
- downward progression of invaders. when they reach your bunkers it's game over man!
- ability to shoot invader bombs
- mystery ship!
- configurable buttons - on the splash screen press the button you want to use for the fire button twice. the remaining 2 buttons will be automatically configured for left/right movement.

0.2 update improves some performance bottle-necks and fixes a number of bugs.

By pocketscience on May 3 2013

Parachute Game&Watch

    $0.00 - Free App (SDK v1)

My version of the classic Game&Watch game! It's really made to be played with Pebble off your wrist and your thumbs on the up/down buttons to move left/right.

By Gavin on Apr 20 2013

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    $0.00 - Free App (SDK v1)

Like the Peb-L-Sketch watchface the Peb-L-Sketch App is inspired by an Etch-a-Sketch however the app allows you to actually draw on the screen!

Use the Up and Down arrows to draw on the screen. To change to Right and Left press the middle select button to swap the orientation (Up becomes Right, Down becomes Left).

To start over simply Back out of the app and go back in.

By robertdefusco on Apr 20 2013


    $0.00 - Free App (SDK v1)

Play Pong against Pebble on your watch

By James on Apr 15 2013


    $0.00 - Free App (SDK v1)

Anybody interested in a Tetris clone? Here's Pebblis!

By Robert on Apr 14 2013

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