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myPath - Locations Along Route

    $0.00 - Free App (SDK v2)

Quickly get directions to an upcoming location along your route without having to turn around. Just select what you're looking for and and let myPath - Locations Along Route find it for you.

Hate when your navigation system has you turn around or go off your route to get to a stop along your trip? Never again will you needlessly waste time doubling back when trying to make a quick stop on a trip. The myPath app utilizes location technology to detect your route direction, and shows you matching locations ahead along your route based off your search keywords.

For example, say you're traveling north on I-95. myPath will only show you locations north of you along the route you're traveling, ensuring all results won't have you turning around and wasting time to reach them. And once you've found what you're looking for, simply tap on the location search result to get address information.

myPath lets you save time and hassle on your car trip. Only deal with locations along your route ahead of you with myPath.

By ExertionEntertainment on Feb 12 2015

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WalkRun Daily

    $0.00 - Free App (SDK v2)

The ultimate Running/Walking fitness timer and step counter that also works great as your daily watchface. Includes Time/Date/Stopwatch/Timer/Steps/Miles/Kilometers/Total steps/watch status (including charge %, Bluetooth, charging mode)and compass.
NOTE if you downloaded early then reinstall to get the latest
Version 3.0 fixes bugs caused by new Pebble OS
- More Info

By davidbsimon on Sep 24 2014

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Spot On Time - Drive Plan

    $0.00 - Free App (SDK v1)

Are you on time? Do you know when to turn? Look at your watch, not your smartphone.
* Drive Plan Screen:
- Your estimated arrival time
- Are on time, early or late during your drive
- Minutes and miles remaining
- Your destination Spot
* Turn-by-Turn Directions:
- Next turn with maneuver graphic & vibration
- Turn instruction
- Street name
- More Info

By daver234 on Aug 3 2014

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Pebble GPS Navigator-Smartwatch Maps and Direction

    $0.00 - Free App (SDK v2)

Here is what people are saying about Simple GPS Navigator for Pebble Smartwatch:

“Whoa! It’s just like a Sci Fi movie!”

“It’s great for bike rides!”

“I love using it when I drive, I don’t need to look at my phone!”

See a mini map and get turn-by-turn directions on your Pebble!

We took a no nonsense approach in developing this app for you to use on your Pebble. It’s a slick set up and easy to use.

Here is how you can start using your Simple GPS Navigator for your Pebble Smartwatch:

Start using the app by opening the app on your phone.
(If you already installed the Pebble app from the Pebble App Store this step is unnecessary)
Then press, “Connect to Pebble” on the MAIN SCREEN.
Once you see the green light you are ready to go!

Note: Before using the app make sure your device is connected to Pebble via Bluetooth before inputting directions.
After pressing “DIRECTIONS” on the MAIN SCREEN you will be taken to the DIRECTIONS screen. Input your directions.
After inputting DIRECTIONS return to the MAIN SCREEN.
You’re ready to go!

While app is operating you can use the ZOOM function on the Pebble app.
Press the middle button on the right to display the zoom function on Pebble.
Press the top right button to ZOOM + and the bottom right button to ZOOM -
To return to the map screen press the middle button again.

Press the top right or bottom right buttons on Pebble to see directions.
Press the same buttons, top right and bottom buttons, to return to the map screen on Pebble.

Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

Built-in battery saving techniques:
- The phone GPS will not shut off unless you press “Disconnect from Pebble”
- Another way to save on the battery is to not press “PREVENT IPHONE FROM SLEEPING."
If the light is red on this button then the “PREVENT IPHONE FROM SLEEPING” function is not turned on.
If this function is turned on it will drain more battery power.
- More Info

By mabarne on May 21 2014

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Notifier Pebble

    $0.00 - Free App (SDK v1)

This App will notify your Pebble by these notifications:
1. Notifications with customised content of most popular apps.
2. All other notifications with default content.
- Launching an application on the phone from Pebble!
- White and Black list of apps!
- Setting vibrations number for each app!
- "Ignored phrases" list!
Android less than 4.3 + Pebble 2.0
To work, you must also install the application on your phone: Notifier Pebble
- More Info

By Shuisky on Mar 6 2014

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Notify Pebble

    $0.00 - Free App (SDK v1)

This App will notify your Pebble by these notifications:
1. Notifications with customised content of most popular apps.
2. All other notifications with default content.
- Launching an application on the phone from Pebble!
- White and Black list of apps!
- Setting vibrations number for each app!
- "Ignored phrases" list!
Android 4.3 and above + Pebble 2.0
To work, you must also install the application on your phone: Notify Pebble
- More Info

By Shuisky on Mar 6 2014

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Notes for Pebble

    $0.00 - Free App (SDK v1)

* Read your personal notes directly in your Pebble watch.
* Notes can be PIN protected with a three digit passcode.
* Notes are created and modified with a very simple web through your mobile browser.
* There is NO need of third party apps like httpebble.

The free version allows only one note. You can buy no limit version for just $1.79.

Try it at:

**How it works**

1.- Enter in your mobile phone.
2.- Register for an account.
3.- Write a note and save it.
4.- Click on "Send changes to Pebble"
5.- Open the downloaded .pbw file with Pebble app and that's all!
- More Info

By rabizanda on Feb 10 2014

Phone And Pebble Finder

    $0.00 - Free App (SDK v2)

Install app from Google play

Sends timely/Distance based GPS position to your email when stolen phone is activated.
Shouts "I have been stolen!" when stolen phone is activated.
Force Vibrate pebble
Force Vibrate Phone
Force Ring phone
Sets phone volume to max
Shows Pebble Signal Strength

By hepizoj on Feb 6 2014

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Movable for Pebble

    $0.00 - Free App (SDK v2)

Movable for Pebble is a motion activity tracker on your wrist. It helps you understand how you move, so you can reach your fitness goals faster.

Key Features:
- Automatic step and calorie counter
- 24x7 in background with Apple M7 motion processor
- Daily goal for personal motivation
- Low battery usage
- Pebble companion watchface
- Smart analytics to push your fitness further

Free App. Download it now!

Note: iPhone 5s and Pebble Firmware 2.0 required
- More Info

By nikolaypavlov on Jan 14 2014


    $0.00 - Free App (SDK v2)

A simple match stopwatch/timer and score tracker suitable for football, basketball, soccer, netball and other simple scoring games.

I developed this app to allow simple goal and match time tracking from the Pebble.

Total match time defaults to 30 minutes but is saved between runs if adjusted using select+up or select+down.

Display shows the 'Home' and 'Away' scores, the wall clock time, the elapsed time and the remaining match time.

Select: Start/stop the timer.
Select (hold): Reset the timer.
Select (hold) + Up/Down: Adjust the match time in 5-minute increments.

Up/Down: Increment the 'home' or 'away' scores.
Up/Down (hold): Decrement the 'home' or 'away' scores.

All constructive feedback welcome.


By StuartL on Dec 30 2013

sailor for pebble

    $0.00 - Free App (SDK v1)

Works with android app FSailor to display bearing/distance and speed to the next buoy or mark. Used for sailing but may be used for other activities.

By cusmanof on Dec 9 2013


    $0.00 - Free App (SDK v1)

Simple torch app for Pebble smartwatch keeping the light on as long as the app is on. - More Info

By jibe77 on Nov 16 2013


    $0.00 - Free App (SDK v1)

Install from Google Play

Do you ever lose your phone and ask someone to call it so you can find it? No more! Now you can ring your phone from your Pebble smart watch.

RingMyPhone is a simple Android app that allows you to start your phone ringing using your Pebble smart watch.

Phone on silent? RingMyPhone don't care! RingMyPhone will turn your volume to max, turn your screen on, and keep ringing until you tell it to stop. Once you stop it, your ringer volume will be restored to what ever it was previously.

The Android app contains the Pebble app, allowing you to install to your watch from within the app.
- More Info

By Wavesonics on Oct 24 2013

Tennis Score

    $0.00 - Free App (SDK v1)

Very simple tennis scoring app.

UP: Opponent point
DOWN: Your point

SELECT BUTTON (long): Change serve
UP (long): Minus opponents point
DOWN (long): Minus your point

- Tie break
- More than 3 sets.

By rabizanda on Oct 9 2013

Tap Metronome

    $0.00 - Free App (SDK v1)

A metronome. You can select beats per minute (BPM) with up/down buttons. You can also tap the select key to set the BPM. Finally, a long select turns on a vibration on the beat. - More Info

By Ariant on Sep 22 2013

Music Boss Watch App

    $0.00 - Free App (SDK v1)

The Music Boss Watch App gives you ultimate control over your music with your Pebble Smart Watch*

Adjust Volume with your Pebble while listening to music

Launch your current Music App from your Pebble watch

Quickly change the current Music/Audio app with your Pebble

Customizable via Music Boss for Pebble (Android)

*Requires that Music Boss for Pebble (Android Only) be installed on your Android device. This watch app does nothing on its own. Music Boss for Pebble is available on the Google Play Store:
- More Info

By RebootsRamblings on Aug 22 2013

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    $0.00 - Free App (SDK v1)

EverLearn is a companion application of EverLearn iOS Application.

You can transfer words from iOS App to this application.
- More Info

By tokentoken on Aug 10 2013

Big Number Stopwatch

    $0.00 - Free App (SDK v1)

Having trouble seeing those small numbers while exercising? Your problems are now solved! Try the Big Number Stopwatch and be able to check the elapsed time quickly.

The controls are super-simple: the bottom bottom for start/stop and the top button to reset the time. Pressing the middle button momentarily shows the current time. This app displays accurate elapsed time for hundreds of hours.

I wrote this app for myself and my poor eyesight, and hope others will also benefit.

This latest revision (version 1.2, 7/11/2013) omits the leading zeroes, and to reset the time while the watch is running takes a long-click instead of a short-click. Thanks for the feedback, folks! And I now know how much faster the battery is used - the watch konked out with a white screen after 4h20m during an ultra marathon race I was running.

No donations are needed, but please consider my company for your software development needs (
- More Info

By GORGES on Aug 4 2013

Music Boss for Pebble

    $0.00 - Free App (SDK v1)

Music Boss for Pebble provides significant enhancements to the existing Pebble Music Watch App. It gives you total control of your music using your Pebble Smartwatch.

-Adjust Music Volume directly from the existing Pebble Music Watch App.
-Launch your current Music App from your Pebble watch (great for Spotify, Rdio, Audible and others).
-Quickly change current Music/Audio app in App or with your Pebble watch.
-Set Music Boss as preferred Pebble Music App once and never visit this Pebble Setting again. Music Boss will manage this now.
-No additional watch app to install, uses existing Music Watch App.
-Simple yet feature rich settings to enhance your experience.

If you use your Pebble Smart Watch to control one or multiple Music/Audio Apps on your Android Device and if you find that your Pebble should give you more control over your music...You've found the app you are looking for!

If you change the Music/Audio App that responds to the Pebble Media buttons, you know that this process requires a few steps each time you wish to change the app.

Music Boss gives you total control over your Music/Audio App (Audible, Google Play Music, PowerAmp*, etc) using the Pebble's existing Music Watch App. Music Boss allows you to create a "Quick Access App List" and quickly change which Android Music/Audio App responds to the media keys on the Pebble Watch.

Best of all, you can change which Android App responds to the Pebble Music App right from your Pebble! Double tapping the Play/Pause (Select) button while in the Music Watch App will cycle through your Quick Access App List and tell you which App is responding to media commands on the watch display.

Triple pressing the Play/Pause Button will even launch your current Music App!

Not only does Music Boss allow you to Play/Pause, go to Next song, go to Previous song; it also allows you to adjust your Music Volume directly from your Pebble Watch; by double clicking Up and Down buttons while in the Music Watch App.
If you are ready to take total control of your Music and Audio Apps with your Pebble, give Music Boss a try!

Install, point the Pebble Music Setting to Music Boss, add your favorite Music apps and start enjoying total control over your Music.

*PowerAmp users: Please go in Settings/Headset/ and "uncheck" Double/Triple Press Setting, otherwise the app will not behave correctly with Music Boss.
- More Info

By RebootsRamblings on Jul 29 2013

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mybucketz (Facebook/Twitter Feed)

    $0.00 - Free App (SDK v1)

The mybucketz watch application allows you to view the 10 most recent posts from your Twitter and/or Facebook feed. The application integrates with the free web based social media aggregator

*NOTE Only the onw PBW file is able to be uploaded to allpebble and it is the version for IOS. To get the Android version click on the more info link.

Steps to get started with the mybucketz watch app:

1) Sign-up or Log-In at and on the "Connections" screen connect mybucketz to your Facebook and/or Twitter account.

2) Install the httpebble application on your iPhone or Android device (required as a bridge between the mybucketz watch app and mybucketz server).

3) Install the mybucketz watch app (make sure you choose the correct version based on if you have an iPhone or Android device).

4) On the initial opening of the mybucketz watch app you will be displayed your unique Pebble ID. Enter this ID into the "Pebble" screen on

5) Close and re-open the mybucketz watch app. It will take a brief moment to connect to the server and will then pass back your Facebook/Twitter feeds! You can scroll up/down through the posts using the top and bottom buttons on the right hand side of the watch. The feed is refreshed each time you open the app.

Check it out and spread the word to help unify your social media!
- More Info

By mybucketz on Jul 23 2013

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